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Core Java training for the budding Java developer. Learn with personal attention from experienced faculty -
Duration: 40hours
Course Outline:
BeginnerJava Training Outline

• A First Look
o A Simple Java Class
o Java's "Hello World" Program

• Java Basics
o Language and Platform Features
o Program Life Cycle
o The Java SE Development Kit (JDK)

• Class and Object Basics
o The Object Model and Object-Oriented Programming
o Classes, References, and Instantiation
o Adding Data to a Class Definition
o Adding Methods (Behavior)

• More on Classes and Objects
o Accessing data, the "this" variable
o Encapsulation and Access Control, public and private Access
o Constructors and Initialization
o static Members of a Class
o Scopes, Blocks, References to Objects

• Flow of Control[briefly due to attendee experience]
o Branching: if, if-else, switch
o Iteration: while, do-while, for, break, continue

• Strings and Arrays
o String, StringBuffer, StringBuilder
o Arrays, Primitive Arrays, Arrays of Reference Types
o varargs

• Packages
o Package Overview - Using Packages to Organize Code
o import statements
o Creating Packages, package Statement, Required Directory Structure
o Finding Classes, Packages and Classpath

• Composition and Inheritance
o Using Composition to Deal With Complexity
o Composition/HAS-A, Delegation

o Using Inheritance and Polymorphism to share commonality
o IS-A, extends, Inheriting Features, Overriding Methods, Using Polymorphism
o Class Object
o Abstract Classes

• Interfaces
o Using Interfaces to Define Types
o Interfaces and Abstract Classes

• Exceptions
o Exceptions and the Exception Hierarchy
o try and catch
o Handling Exceptions
o Program Flow with Exceptions
o finally

o JDBC basics
o JDBC Architecture
o Using JDBC drivers &DriverManager
o Class Connection and connecting to a database
o Class Statement and executing SQL statements
o Other statement types
o Driver types

• Java Collections and Generics
o The Collections Framework and its API
o Collections and Java Generics
o Collection, Set, List, Map, Iterator
o Autoboxing
o Collections of Object (non-generic)
o Using ArrayList, HashSet, and HashMap
o for-each Loop
o Processing Items With an Iterator
o More About Generics

• Additional Java Features
o Assertions
o Type-safe Enums
o Annotations
o Additional Features in Java 6 and Java 7

• Conclusion